What are the vulnerable parts of the car

Release time:

Oct 23,2023

"Wearing parts" as the name suggests is the most easily damaged parts of the car parts to replace. So, what are the wearing parts of the car? How long is the replacement cycle of different wearing parts?
There is no fixed period for the replacement of wiper blades. According to different climates in different places, the frequency of replacement of wiper blades is not the same. When using the wiper blade daily, avoid "dry scraping", which is easy to damage the wiper blade, and will damage the car glass in serious cases. It is best to spray the cleaning and lubricating better glass liquid, and then start the wiper, wash the car at the same time should also clean a rain scraper. In the purchase of wiper blades, should refer to the vehicle instruction manual to buy the appropriate specifications of the wiper, the best use of fingers to touch the surface of the rubber wiper, if the blade aging, hardening, cracks, rubber blade lack of elasticity, can be determined as fake and inferior products.